Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Crossroads Chiropractic Center Has Treated Many Patients with Lower Back Pain

The lumbar vertebrae in the lower back are larger than any others in the spine and are responsible for supporting the weight of the upper body. Although these vertebrae are strong enough to withstand powerful forces from the lower back muscles during lifting, bending and twisting, it is common to experience lower back pain and injuries. Those experiencing pain in their lower back can turn to Dr. Steve Kaplan of Crossroads Chiropractic Center to address the problem and restore their health in Bellevue, WA.    

The cause of lower back pain is usually a muscle, nerve, ligament or spinal injury, such as the ones that occur during auto accidents. Additionally, poor posture and degenerative diseases can also lead to pain. This is because poor posture can accelerate wear and tear on the spine during movements, while degenerative diseases, such as arthritis, can cause structures in the spine to break down and put pressure on the spinal cord or nerves. Nerve pressure in the lumbar spine can then cause pain and symptoms to spread from the back to the buttocks, legs and feet because the nerves that exit the lumbar spine travel to these areas.

If a patient is experiencing lower back pain, they do not have to resort to surgery or rely heavily on pain medication for relief. At Crossroads Chiropractic Center, many patients find that their pain can be effectively treated through chiropractic practices, including adjustments and spinal decompression. These methods can alleviate tension, relieve pain and help restore proper movement.

Those in Bellevue, WA experiencing lower back pain turn to Dr. Steve Kaplan for the treatment they need. To schedule an appointment at Crossroads Chiropractic Center, call 425-746-7841. For more information on the chiropractor and his services, please visit www.crossroadschiropracticinc.com.